JUNIOR PROGAM (ages 11-15) | Grand Master K. H. Min Taekwondo

JUNIOR PROGAM (ages 11-15)

JUNIOR PROGAM (ages 11-15)

Are you looking for a program to help boost your teens confidence? How about putting your teen in an inclusive environment where physical discipline helps them channel their energy? Or even an activity that will engage their minds towards a positive goal-setting outcome? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you've landed on the right page.

Teenagers can be challenging due to the body and hormone changes. Some teens quiet down and communicate only when necessary, while others are overly expressive and display anger towards their loved ones. Taekwondo can and will help!

In our Junior program we focus on engaging all of our teens through effective training and goal setting. Watching them achieve a next kick, learn the next Poomsae, promote to the next belt, and set standards for themselves is a rewarding process for both parents and Instructors. Teenagers have a variety of things they think about throughout the day. And as they age and become more aware of the world around them, different stressors come to play in their minds. Our teenagers have a outlet to release frustrating and/or negative energy, and take in positive and elevated energy. All of our teenagers leave here feeling happy, energetic, and accomplished.

Outside of all the physical skills they are learning on a daily basis, we focus on molding these young adults into individuals who can confidently make eye contact with others, speak in an engaging and respectful manner, and advocate for themselves in any and all situations. We have the best teens in YEG in this program, and we welcome you or your teen to join this amazing and hard working group of teens!

Here are some highlights of this class:

  • We have happy teens
  • We have respectful teens
  • We have teens who have an awareness of themselves and the environment around them
  • We have teens who value hard work, discipline, education, family life
  • We have teens who train hard
  • We have teens who look forward to skill mastery
  • We have teens who push themselves individually and work to strength their group
  • We have teens who have the ability to protect themselves who are equally aware that they don't train to fight....they train to always accomplish peace in every situation
  • We have kind teens

After years and years of training teenagers we know how complex they are. How to balance the changes they are going through with disciplined training and laughter. Teaching them how to use their developing strength and technique physically, in combination with their developing strength and confidence mentally. As instructors, we enjoy challenging our Teens because they have a capacity for training that they are often not aware of. Our job is to show them that they are capable of so much more than they believe themselves. Give them responsibility over themselves and their peers, and watch them thrive in all aspects of life! Our teens are the best!