Competition | Grand Master K. H. Min Taekwondo



National Champions and Olympians are common terms used at our Dojang because we are proud to say we have in our history, had an abundance of them!

Our competition team is a talented group of athletes who joined Taekwondo for the love of the Martial Art. From there, the sport grew strong within them and now train to compete at all levels of competiton. Whether our team is competing local, provincial, national, or international....we are there! We have a strong competition team filled with hard working, humble bodies training every week to get ready for the next competition.

So what makes us qualified? Good question! Our Grandmaster Min is the former National team coach and Olympic team coach and the first in Canada to produce olympians! Wait there is more....his disciples who currently are coaching and producing champions are also National and International certified coaches. We need it because we have current champions we need to coach! From one generation to the next, the sport lives strong in us, and we continue to develop healhty, strong, competitive athletes. But what we are most proud of is that they are amazing human beings.

Being on our team requires discipline, control, patience, and character development! We are proud to say....we have the best human-athletes in YEG! Curious about this....well come and check it out!