Children's Advanced (ages 7-11) | Grand Master K. H. Min Taekwondo

Children's Advanced (ages 7-11)

Children's Advanced (ages 7-11)

Dragon's Advanced (ages 7 - 11)

If you have been training for a few years and are Green Belt or higher, the Dragon's Advanced class is perfect for you. In this program we focus on perfecting the fundamentals of basic training, by applying them to higher technical skills. Here, the children understand that Martial Arts training is a life skill, a skill that they can use to ensure they and their loved ones remain safe. The entire program challenges our children to become evolved thinkers, move their body in more technical ways, and even grow in leadership potential. The program has the right balance of challenge and discipline incorporated with fun and self-accomplishment. This program truly allows our students to work on their Character Development. Our Grandmaster believes in helping our children grow past their weaknesses by showing them that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to! With this belief, our Masters and Instructors guide and lead the students and encourage them to continually work towards their success by never giving up! Once our children accomplish their goals, they learn that they are truly unstoppable! This is how we grow strong, capable, confident, and happy future leaders of this world!

Here are some highlights that you can expect from our Dragon's Advanced group:

  • Elevated skill set
  • Ability to overcome challenges
  • Focused group training
  • Students pushing themselves to be their best
  • Display of Respect
  • Patience for others
  • Confidence in self
  • Persevere through challenges
  • Integrity in life
  • Ability to Defend
  • Knowledge and awareness in skills
  • Ability to diffuse or not engage in difficult situations
  • Happy and Healthy children!

Being a member of this program is an amazing accomplishment. Our parents are proud to see their children thrive in this class and grow in their training. These children are the future leaders of our community!