Adult program (ages 16+) | Grand Master K. H. Min Taekwondo

Adult program (ages 16+)

Adult program (ages 16+)


You are never too young or old for Martial Arts training. Our adults have all joined for different reasons but one thing remains the same....they all had a curiosity for Martial Arts in terms of learning a new and exciting skill set. Whatever stresses you may have walking into the Dojang, you leave it at the door and end up leaving feeling like you're on top of the world.

This class gives adults everything they need: mental training, physical challenge, and spiritual awareness. As developing adults we are looking for growth and as adults who are parents we too often give ourselves selflessly to our children. At our Dojang, you won't be left in the dust! We bring you on your own individualized Martial Arts training to maximize your own personal success and growth as a Martial Artist. We aim to spark a passion from within and empower our adults to continue to give to themselves through their training to accomplish basic goals they all deserve: happiness, empowerment, strength, confidence, and community.

Here are some things to expect from our Adults program:

  • Increased fitness
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Increased confidence
  • Weight loss for those who want it
  • Knowledge on use of power OR power control
  • Technical skill set!
  • Self Defense
  • Strong kicks, blocking ability, and upper body striking

There is not much more to say....our Adult classes are the best!