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Master A. Min

Master A. Min

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Our most balanced Instructor. Master A. Min is our Chief Instructor, Master and weapons specialist! She leads the floor and curriculum with a passion to see each and every one of her Academy students to succeed. Under her direction, students feel empowered, noticed, and train hard. Master A. Min has the ability to see a student and know exactly what they need to succeed in their training. Teaching is something that comes natural to Master A. Min and she strives daily to execute lesson plans that are challenging and rewarding.

Here are some things to know about Master A. Min:

  • She is a 6th degree Taekwondo black belt
  • She is a specialist with nunchuk weapons
  • She is a National and International certified coach and can coach athletes on the highest stages
  • She loves the the silly things kids say
  • She is the Instructor parents say is well balanced
  • She likes to see hard work and sweat from her students
  • She likes to see them overcome obstacles
  • She sets expectations from students and celebrates them as they hit each benchmark
  • She is funny
  • She loves to laugh
  • When it is "go-time" students work hard to keep up with her